Not your usual IT consulting company!

At Siscale, we believe that effort without results is nothing but wasted time and resources. So we spend our effort with one goal: to achieve the best possible outcome for our customers.

Continuously providing added value

We take the time and effort to know you – what you need and how you work. Based on this – we tailor our solutions to bring competitive advantage to every organization we work with. Through careful planning and analysis, we identify the best course of action to not only address your current needs but future ones as well.

Scaling your business to its perfect fit

It has never been more clear that Cloud technology is the way to go, whether you are a fresh start-up or a large multinational organization. We can help you make the best decisions so that your company reaches its perfect fit, resulting in reduced costs and economies of scale.

Technology driven projects

At Siscale, we breathe technology and we make it part and parcel of our activities. This includes both solutions or products for our clients, as well as how we do business altogether. As such we can easily adapt our approach to projects and offer you the flexibility to choose how you do business with us.

We help organizations gain competitive advantage by turning their complex IT projects into comprehensive technology solutions. We seek innovation  while “piloting” customers through their digital transformation. We use big data to transform the way IT solutions are  delivered.

We are a team of technology-loving individuals with vast experience in various industries. We like to be efficient in our work and make sure that the customer is always happy.

Why Work with Us?

We deliver

We never bite more than we can chew. If we take on a project it means we can deliver. We put pride in our work and wear it as a badge of honor.

Proactive and Fast

Today, to be slow is to die slow. We keep a proactive attitude and work fast and efficiently not wait for things to stop working and then act.


We know all the nooks and crannies that get the job done. True experience comes both from years in the field (and we’ve seen our fair share), as well as from knowledge and skills.


Having continuously better results is what drives us. With a strong desire to better ourselves, we become better at helping our customers achieve their goals.