AIOps Adoption

Gain insights into your digital infrastructure with AIOps

Businesses generate large amounts of data every day that can be used to gain powerful insights into the business and drive valuable action. We collect, enrich and manage the data your business generates. We apply machine learning and create powerful customized dashboards and visualizations to help you unlock the power of your data.

By combining Big Data and Machine Learning technologies, AIOps offers new ways to put your data to work. Your business gains performance by discovering patterns and anomalies which trigger automated tasks .

Infrastructure Monitoring

Multi-cloud and multi-vendor infrastructures become increasingly difficult to monitor and engaging the right teams when issues arise becomes critical.

With our Infrastructure Monitoring AIOps service we collect data from all across your infrastructure on top of which we apply machine learning. The results are then passed on to our alerting tool which based on the machine learning results sends personalized messages and emails to the right teams.

By engaging the right team for each situation, your time to response and time to resolution decrease significantly.

Infrastructure Performance Management


Building on our Infrastructure Monitoring services, we bring powerful analytics capabilities to help you analyze the deepest corners of your infrastructure.

By applying Machine Learning capabilities to the gathered data, patterns and anomalies can be detected which will offer you new insights within your business.

Application Performance Management

Applications are a critical part of any businesses and making sure that they run smoothly and have  is extremly important.

Our Application Performance Management monitors and gathers data from all your applications in order to reduce down-time and increase user interaction and satisfaction. This is achieved by using the gathered data in automated tasks and machine learning jobs which help bring both speed and quality to the application performance.

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