Siscale @ Elastic{ON} Boston

We were very excited to be a part of Boston Elastic {On} Tour as a Gold Sponsor at this year’s especially since this year’s event is the first one in which we take part as the first Elastic Advanced Referral Partner and Elastic Advanced Reseller Partner on the East Coast!

Below you can find two articles which explain the use cases we presented at this year’s event: Automated Root Cause Analysis and Brute Force Attack Prevention. Also if you didn’t have a chance to see our presentation live at the event you can find it here.

We would love it if you could offer us some feedback on our presence at the event.

Brute force attack

Brute force attack prevention

Brute force attacks are some of the most simple methods of launching an attack but should they succeed they can have devastating affects on your infrastructure. Using Elastic it takes only 15 seconds from attack initiation to first response.

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Automated Root Cause Analysis

Automated Root Cause Analysis

By combining the event information from the Elastic Stack with a custom-written Machine Learning algorithm we can detect the root cause of an issue and weed-out the false positives that arise.

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Siscale team members present at Elastic{ON} Boston 2018

Bogdan Teodor

Bogdan is our Customer Success Manager with the ability to anticipate, identify and respond to changing business priorities. He has acquired experience in different areas of service delivery: managed services, customer support, organizational transformation, project delivery and operational governance.

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Konstantinos Dasoulas

Konsta is one of our DevOps engineer and an experienced software developer with previous background in network administration. Experienced with Elastic under his belt, Konsta is responsible for running daily operations on Elastic clusters, ingesting new data sources and coming up with new and original use cases for the Elastic Stack.

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Peter Ruta

Founded and heading up Siscale, an exceptionally talented team. Leading for more than system integration – driving for business results based on proven AIOps use cases. Interested to learn and share about how AI and ML can truly serve people and organizations.