AIOps Adoption

We combine technologies for gathering data from infrastructure, applications and security assets with automation capabilities. We help you incrementally deploy AIOps across IT operations-oriented machine learning.

We bring together cybersecurity experts, data scientists, network architects and developers for tailored solutions with impact on app performance monitoring, DevOps and microservices data monetization. You get fast delivery and less complex problems, in a stable operating environment.

What is AIOPS?

The term “AIOps” stands for “artificial intelligence for It operations“; as reported by Gartner  in 2017:

“AIOps utilize big data, modern machine learning and other advanced analytics technologies to directly and indirectly enhance IT operations (monitoring, automation and service desk) functions with proactive, personal and dynamic insight. AIOps enables the concurrent use of multiple data sources, data collection methods, analytical (real-time and deep) technologies, and presentation technologies.

Applicability of AIOps

AIOps can be applied in the following fields:

1) Analytics – Provide interactive dashboards and dynamic visuals for data analysis
2) Anomaly detection – Detect abnormal behavior in system metrics, services, user activity and others
3) Predictive analytics – Determine future trends for metrics based on past values
4) Events Clustering – Cluster Events for easier using various techniques including neural feedback
5) Automated RCA – Automatically detect with increasing accuracy the root cause of incidents

Check out some of our implemented AIOPs use cases!

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Impossible Travel

When dealing with numerous accounts within your infrastructure, it is important to know if one of them may be compromised…..

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Dynamic threshold

In an ever increasing complex IT environment making sure that everything is within normal parameters is crucial…

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We help you incrementally deploy AIOps across the four phases of IT operations-oriented machine learning: visualization and statistical analysis, automated pattern discovery, pattern based prediction, and root cause analysis. We have proven use cases for the automation of application, infrastructure and security operations with machine learning.


Building on our Infrastructure Monitoring services, we bring powerful analytics capabilities to help you analyze the deepest corners of your infrastructure. By applying Machine Learning capabilities to the gathered data, patterns and anomalies can be detected to offer you new insights and alerts for action, while saving you time and resources for manual work.


In our AIOPs journey we improve the integration of data streams from previously siloed sources. With our custom use cases, we can build and apply algorithms to particular business situations. Our infrastructure and security expertise gives us the insights and confidence to optimize your AIOps implementation building in a stable environment on your existing technology stack.

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