Empowering operations teams with AI is designed and built to enhance teams of experts with AI, enabling them to extract insights and automate processes that would otherwise consume much of their valuable time or not even be possible

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What is Arcanna? uses data, machine learning, and automation to unlock greater human potential by helping people focus on innovation rather than false alarms

our vision

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Everyday work is filled with manual and repetitive tasks, which although essential they use too much effort and time for the value they provide. We built to be able to automate these tasks in a smart way by using AI technology. can learn from the people that have both knowledge in their field and experience to shoulder their burden and allow them to focus on innovative work.

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We're actively and continuously working on extending Arcanna's AI capabilities to other areas of interest.
Here's what you have to look forward to!

Automated RCA

Determine the probable root cause of issues using machine learning and improve response and remediation times.

Event Correlations

Quickly and efficiently gain insights by determining the relationships between events from across your environment.


Improve stability as well as planning and provisioning by determining the future value of key metrics.


Never loose sight and track ! Stay on top of your environment and be aware of all relevant events.

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