ARCANNA is an AI platform which gives companies more time and resources to focus on expanding their business by implementing machine learning algorithms and process automation in the areas of: alert triage, event correlation, observability, automated root cause analysis and predictions.

The platform is powered by custom built machine learning algorithms and process automation in order to take daily teadious tasks out of the hands of operation teams while at the same time offer new insights which helps them make informed decisions and streamline operations.

Modular approach

Mix and match to your needs


Monitor all relevant events and detect anomalies for complete observability

Alert Triage

Detect false-positives within your alerts and reduce noise by up to 94%

Event correlation

Find connections between events from multiple sources to quickly isolate issues


Determine the future value of metrics to improve planning and adjust business objectives dynamically

Automated Root Cause Analysis

Reduce down-time and business impact by quickly and efficiently determining the probable root cause of issues


Choose from a variety of data sources, ticketing systems, notification and automation tools to streamline processes

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