Full-stack monitoring

In the current state of IT, operations teams have to adapt in order to cope with the various challenges that arise such as noise generated from devices and applications, increased expectations from clients, siloed data that makes root cause identification slow, increased surface of attack for hackers or timely tedious manual tasks, all of which are heavily dependent on the monitoring tool that is being used. Traditional monitoring solutions are reaching their limit with IT infrastructures increasing both horizontally and vertically with the addition of containerization. It is no longer feasible to rely on engineers, prone to human error to follow alerts on a monitor and sift through thousands of logs to identify the cause of a problem which might have business critical impact.

Our solution is built on the Elastic analytics platform specifically developed to capture the highest volumes of data from across IT assets in a flexible, open and scalable data warehouse necessary for the desired monitoring needs. Secure APIs access into this platform components enables an unlimited number of use-cases/applications that can be tailored to any organization. On top of this platform we have created and continue to enhance and enrich a series of analytics practices ranging from traditional rules-based analytics to data science-based analytics, ultimately evolving IT Operations into more agile, efficient and scalable division while realizing strategic advantage for the company.

By monitoring the entire infrastructure assets, the solution facilitates insights about the performance of the service delivery and how the application is seen from the user experience point of view. It offers insights on the infrastructure layer with analytics based on events, performance parameters and traffic patterns. By collecting information that resides in the customer specific ecosystem, such as traffic metadata, events, probes from all entities involved and by ingesting them into a flexible, api-based data warehouse which can be placed either in the cloud or on-premise, we are able to offer you analytics and valuable statistics. Each set of data is enriched and correlated with information from other sources and layers of the stack and, in this way, a visualization dashboard can offer multiple insights in one single pane of control.

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