Microsoft Support Operations

Microsoft server solutions are present in the infrastructure of most organizations today With Microsoft servers generating hundreds of events a day, it can become daunting to keep track of everything going on. With the Winlogbeat agent, Windows server logs are easily collected and sent into Elasticsearch for analysis. By integrating Machine Learning and Watcher into the mix we bring clarity and precision to Microsoft server operations teams.

Winlogbeat is firstly deployed to all servers in your infrastructure and configured to send data into Elasticsearch.
Once the data is in Elasticsearch, it is analyzed and multiple views are created for various types of events such as login attempts, user activity or admin activity. Based on these views, multiple visuals and dashboards are created for easy filtering of events and deep analysis.

Additionally, by integrating Machine Learning, possible security breaches or unwanted behavior from either users or admins can be detected. Multiple Machine Learning jobs can be configured to analyze the different types of events such as login events, files accessed or commands issued.

Finally, with the help of Watcher, the process of alerting is automated with notifications being sent as the events take place for near real-time alerting.

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