Consulting. Integration. Managed Services. AIOps Adoption


We help you choose a suitable cloud-based service provider for your business, ensure a smooth transition from a traditional data center and fast implementation. Our solutions accelerate your time to market and reduce your cost. We go beyond integration, we see the bigger picture and advise on vendor selection to optimize cost and avoid vendor lock-in.


We specialize in designing, integrating and securing server, storage and network platforms. You get and pay for the best talent only when you need it. We provide infrastructure ops managed services with English proficiency and exceptional technical acumen for a fraction of your typical payroll cost. We combine solutions that enable you to avoid vendor lock-in and costly proprietary approaches.


We augment your existing security team at a lower cost than your payroll and we leverage Big Data analytics and automation technologies for security ops. We give you customized machine learning solutions for specific data sets across your assets on premise or in the cloud. This enables you to prevent and solve specific security threats and to realize the potential of deep learning through analytics.

Big Data & Analytics

Big data is as big as the specific use case that proves its value. Because we know infrastructure well, we can really see when, how and which big data to put to real work. We solve the problem of siloed data residing in infrastructure or applications with a custom approach that truly gives you business insights across the full stack.

DevOps & Automation

We build automation and services on top of warehouse solutions, giving you full visibility - not just for your app department but for others, like DevOps. We bring together cybersecurity experts, data scientists, network architects and developers for tailored solutions with big impact on app performance monitoring, DevOps and even microservices data monetization. You get fast delivery and less complex problems, in a stable operating environment.

AIOps Adoption

We combine technologies for gathering data from infrastructure, applications and security tools and devices with automation capabilities. We help you incrementally deploy AIOps across the four phases of IT operations-oriented machine learning: visualization and statistical analysis, automated pattern discovery, pattern based prediction, and root cause analysis. We have proven use cases around infrastructure ops and security ops automation and machine learning.

About Us

We are not your usual IT consulting company! We are helping midsize organizations in all industries gain competitive advantage by turning their complex IT projects into comprehensive technology solutions and capturing the value from AIOps implementations. We provide reliability and innovation through the entire cycle of planning, designing, building and managing new technologies to keep your business growing.