Alert Triage can triage alerts so you can focus on investigation!

Alert triage is one of the biggest problems in today’s IT & Cybersecurity due to the sheer number of sensors, devices and applications that need to be monitored and continuously generate alerts.

Alert Triage

How is Artificial Intelligence the best answer for Alert Triage?

Alert triage is a thorough and complex process that analysts go through to keep businesses secure. However they are limited by time and resources. AI technology is capable of assimilating this process and applying it to all alerts without time or resource limitations. takes this one step further and encompases expert knowledge into the AI model to tailor the process to their needs.

Alert fatigue

Alert Triage with Integrated intelligent automation: reduce alert fatigue

Give your Cybersecurity experts time to focus on what’s truly important: keeping your business secure. automates the alert triage process taking the strain of analyzing thousands of alerts daily from your analysts. This gives your security team more time to thoroughly address real threats rather than to identify them

AI model training

Consolidate group knowledge and improve incident response time

By collecting feedback,, can make decisions using the knowledge of your entire cybersecurity team. This allows to not only automate the decision making process but also post-decision actions such as creating tickets, notifications or triggering SOAR playbooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How are Alerts triaged into false-positives or true-positives?

How is alert noise suppressed?

How does triage SOC alerts?

How can AI be used in Cybersecurity?

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